About Us

Hydroway is a fast-growing company that specializes in pumps and pumping solutions to meet varied requirements of water management. Our comprehensive range of pumps consists of compact inline pumps, self-primping jet pumps, circulatory pumps, and multistage centrifugal & heavy-duty submersible pumps. High in quality and built with smart technology, our offerings are meant for multi-faceted use and are suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries.


Enabling universal access to water and sanitation for generations to come


Water is one of the most precious resources for a nation’s sustainable development and socio-economic progress. That’s why Hydroway has been investigating heavily in delivering reliable, innovative, and energy-efficient solutions by managing the entire cycle from water collection to treatment, distribution and reuse to the environment.


I would like to extend my thanks to you for visiting our website. It means a lot to us.

As a resident educated entirely in the UAE, I founded Hydroway to contribute to the growth of this dynamic nation that is an unrivaled blend of the rulers’ aspirations, the energy of entrepreneurs, and the toil of workers.We are a modern company founded on innovative methods, but our value system is rooted in tradition. I believe that an enterprise’s purpose is to serve its customers, and that the well-being of its employees is paramount.

I lead an energetic team that has been with me for a long time, and we continue to invest in technology to maintain higher levels of customer service. We collaborate with the best manufacturers in the world and are the first to implement innovative concepts.

Water is a scarce and limited resource that is essential to humanity; it is our responsibility to conserve and use it wisely. With this mission in mind, I created Hydroway and its modern solutions to play an active role in the industry in order to establish minimal waste and a sustainable future for humanity.

Why Us

We understand the needs of each of our customer’s users, whether they are in purchasing, engineering, or field installation.

• Cutting-Edge Technology

Hydroway has invested in a contemporary, technology-driven facility in Dubai to suit the needs of customers that want huge quantities, complicated services, and quick delivery. Our whole business is powered by cutting-edge technology, providing us with a comprehensive 360-degree picture of every consumer. We believe that technology that improves the customer experience is the greatest way to promote growth.

• Enhanced Efficiency

Customers that deal with Hydroway will see an instant improvement in efficiency. This quickness is evident from the beginning of our engagement, when we comprehend and answer to your request for quote. Because of our reduced procedures, we can give predictable and consistent results.

• Improved customer service and support

Hydroway’s success is predicated on pleased customers returning year after year. The personal care and attention we give to each connection is the most essential reason for our client loyalty. Our customer support and services are by far the finest in the business, and we are constantly striving to improve in this area.

• Process Improvements

Years of expertise have allowed us to simplify our operations. Our management has been able to fine-tune these procedures as a consequence of exposure to the best practices. These processes are coded in our software system to maintain consistency and to assist us offer increased productivity.

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